Update July 9, 2020
Update on children’s and youth ministry.Hi folks Pastor Mike with an update for you. The elders and I met this week and have decided to postpone reopening children’s and youth ministries.
This was not an easy decision to make, but under the current conditions we believe it is the right and responsible decision. We will continue to monitor the situation moving forward.
The reality of our current situation is that we have reached the point where most of us know people who have been tested for Covid-19. This tells me that we need to be even more diligent as individuals and as a church to keep this at bay.
For your protection we are taking stringent steps at Lakeway to keep everyone safe. We are in the process of having the church professionally disinfected against Covid-19. We ask that every who attends wear a mask, we will provide masks for those who do not have one but would like one. We also ask that you use the hand sanitizer provided as you enter and exit the building. In addition to this we will continue to practice safe distancing. Once seated you may remove your mask if you wish, but please replace before moving about the building.
These are difficult times and we need to be diligent in prayer. I am asking you to join me in daily prayer for Lakeway. I have set an alarm on my phone for 12:30pm every day to remind me to stop and offer up a prayer for the church and for you (the church).

Please stay connected for further updates.

Update July 4, 2020
Hi folks
Due to the upswing of hospitalizations and positive tests for Covid-19, I want to encourage everyone who attends the live service at Lakeway to wear a mask. I know that Governor Greg Abbott’s last mandate excused churches from mandatory face mask protection, however I believe this one simple act can help reduce the number of deaths, sickness, and financial harm caused by this virus.
Once you are seated please feel free to remove your mask. When the service is over, prior to leaving your seat, please put your mask back on. Thank you for your help with this.
Let me remind all of on the protocol for attending live service:
You should stay home and watch the live stream if:
-You are in a high risk category, or have an underlying medical condition that puts you at higher risk (see CDC guidelines for more details)
-You have any symptoms of Covid-19
-You have been around people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19
-You are currently under quarantine
For those attending:
-Entrance to and from the building is via the main foyer only
-Allow the first impressions team to open doors for you where possible
NEW: Please clean your hands with the hand sanitizer in the foyer before entering the sanctuary
-Maintain 6′ social distancing
-Keep two chairs between you and non household members
-Keep every other row empty
-No food or drink
-No water fountains
-No access to the rest of the building except rest rooms
-Do not gather in the foyer
-Exit via the foyer
-Please wear your mask prior to and after being seated for the service
-Smile and praise Jesus
You do not need to have a Facebook page in order to watch the live stream on FB or on our website.
Due to streaming constraints we will not be able to broadcast live to YouTube, but we will upload the service to YouTube once the service is finished.
God bless,
Pastor Mike